Substack generates an image to share on social media after a post is published,. Does Ghost?

Mostly in the heading, I tried substack but hated it so am now signed on to ghost pro. The one thing I thought seemed useful was the image substack generated to help promote posts on social. It would be great if ghost had some way to do something similar, but looking at the integrations ghost offers it looks like they’re more geared towards embedding social content in ghost, not sharing ghost content to social.


Ghost shares the feature image of your post on social media. Are you expecting something else?

The issue is I don’t really use images. It’s all just writing or audio posts, so there’s nothing for Ghost to post, which is why I’m asking this question.

In the post editor, there’s an option to set a custom message for social media sharing. You can set a custom image that’s used on FB, Google, and many other places via Facebook card, as well as one that’s used on Twitter, or uh, X via Twitter card.

While these images aren’t autogenerated, they can be created fairly efficiently using Canva or something similar.


Not really, but there are services like Canva that can help you with this… there was another that had automatic hooks and a ghost integration, but I can’t remember the name, and it was only free for a seven-day trial.

You’re thinking of Placid - add a hook to fire on Publish under Custom Integrations and you’re all set. Can pull the Title from Ghost and overlay it on social media cards.


I agree that is one of the, very few, really useful things about Substack. Not having to spend time on a third party option like Canva, Creatopy or similar to create social media posts is such a time saver. I also believe Substack are very much aware how useful it is cause they also put ones Substack url into the graphics even when one is using ones own domain…

Placid finally enabled WebP image format, and select’able JPEG/PNG,
previously it was always PNG if the background was transparent.

I really like Placid - it’s “set and forget” and it keeps grinding away in the background.