Automatic subscription renewal reminder?

Is it possible to have Ghost send an email reminding a member ‘your subscription expires in X days, renew now to keep access’ sort of thing?

Take a look at Outpost. It does this, plus a bunch more stuff.

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Should really be in the core app, I think.

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Yeah, agreed. Support is quite good when you email them but it would be great if they had someone in here on the forums more regularly.

Yes, small staff, so I get it, but it would be good

I’m writing something to do the above via the Ghost API. but my general take is that should be the core app, given it’s a subscription-centric service.

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A friend who is smarter than me is helping put together a node.js script that will go through the member list and add a label to recently expired people so I know to email them

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Yeah, the API is solid, so it’s all doable. I just don’t like maintaining any more scripts than I need to.

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Question for you. If I want to create an email with a little video asking people to renew their subscription, do I create that as a post?

Do I have to create that right at the moment I want to email? Ideally, I’d like to create it, have it (essentially) invisible to everyone and then send it out from time to time based on expiration dates of subscriptions.

I guess the question is: can I create stock posts that get used and re-used as emails without those posts being available to anyone other than the people to whom they have been emailed?

I would not create that as post, even if that’s doable. I would instead create a custom .hbs template stored in /themes/partial that I emailed out based on a script that hit the API every day, checking who needs a reminder. Again, that should be in the core app, but that is essentially the approach I have taken.

You just used a lot of words that make me sad (b/c they remind me how little I know). custom .hbs template? /themes/partial – is this for self-hosted only? (I’m not self-hosted, should I be?)

Ah, sorry. So:

1/ Unless you know you want to be self-hosted, I wouldn’t. It will lintroduce new technical things you need to think about.
2/ Any dev here in the forums can help you create some custom code to do what you’re asking.
3/ The Outpost service does what you describe, but has a monthly service fee.

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