Is anyone using Outpost?

Hi, I’m looking into using Outpost and would like to hear from anyone who has gone down this path. My first impressions are that it’s not great and a bit clunky, not helped by cryptic documentation and a lack of clarity about what it actually does over and above what can be done already.

I’d like to believe that Outpost is a genuine value-add over and above the core product, but am struggling seeing it atm.


Same! Have you looked into this and tested it? Did that they require a yearly payment for the subscription level that all of us need without any free trial!

Link to home page of Outpost?

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This is what’s being talked about.

Thanks! Looks interesting. Anyone out there using it? If they are actually partnering with the Atlantic, Tangle, and The Lever, that’s a pretty good list of customers.

Still wondering if any in the Forum is using Outpost.

I just have it set up, but I haven’t had the chance to use it much yet. Am I mistaken, or is Ghost not performing well here? For those of us who are not tech experts, is Zapier really the only way to connect to a full-fledged email marketing platform? I have 12k Substack members that I am about to bring over, and I dislike the idea of relying on Zapier to keep my data in sync with an email service provider like AC or SendinBlue, which is my favorite.

Regarding Outpost, it seems to be a one-man startup, but he appears to know what he’s doing, and it seems to be the only option that is directly integrated into Ghost.

I have a few early complaints that I would like to see addressed.

  1. The automated setup process caters to yearly subscriptions and doesn’t offer to create triggers for your Ghost monthly paying member. (There is a startup guide when you first start, and it asks you questions about what offers to send to your members when they cancel and do various things.)

You can create your own offers, but there is a problem when offering free trials. There is no option to choose the trial duration, so it’s impossible to create it. You can create an offer in Ghost and simply put the link in an email as a workaround.

I will come back after I have fully tested it. They offer a free 3-week trial on the first-tier plan.

Let me ask you all: Because Ghost doesn’t offer many integrations, it seems more suitable for tech-savvy people. While we all know how to use Zapier, anyone with thousands of members and serious about scaling for growth can’t rely on Zapier to be up and running all the time, without billing issues, and ensure that any changes made by members, such as email updates or unsubscribes, are synced properly.

That’s why I’m giving Outpost a try. Am I mistaken, or is it the only prebuilt full integration option for those of us who don’t know how to build integrations using Ghost’s provided APIs with email marketing providers? Do they all offer the means to integrate with major email services like SendinBlue, ActiveCampaign, etc.?

The frustrating part is that Outpost uses Mailgun to handle all the sending for us, and it appears to be from us as the sender, but it actually sends from Outpost’s Mailgun account. It seems crazy to me that we can’t have all of Mailgun’s automation features with our Ghost account. I understand that Ghost has a deal worked out with them, but for goodness’ sake, if they have to charge us more or, I don’t know, give us the ability to create our own Mailgun account with MG, pay Mailgun directly, and have an integration, why not? We will still pay Ghost and send our newsletters through Ghost, but how can we automate things without proper integrations? I am starting to miss WordPress. I have other sites on WP, and I never need help with anything because of the myriad integrations available. If Ghost is serious, they need to resolve this issue. I mean, we have to rely on Outpost to build an integration with their own account and allow us to use it to automate things without having to use Zapier. Outpost will be great! I noticed this because they realize Ghost is dropping the ball here and they are taking the initiative to address it. As Outpost makes money, we know it will only improve. Everyone has to start somewhere, so I commend them for their efforts.

I feel like Ghost is a bit misleading. Hosted vs. self-hosting is presented as "those who aren’t tech-savvy need hosted so we can assist you with thing like this.Ive been in support 2-3 times over the last month looking for a solution. I am ready to go except this one issue. Bout to contact outpost and ask what they would charge me to build an integration for me using my own mailgun account, because they clearly know how. Go sign up for the free trial you impressed that the developer has taken the time to make something for us who have no clue how to do it at least they’re trying and I hope outpost becomes a wildly successful company in the future because this is certainly a huge void in the abyss of ghost confusion for us tech literate people.