How do I automatically post to social without upgrading Ghost subscription?

I’d like to setup Ghost so new posts will always be shared on my social channels. Ghost has a built in way to do this via Buffer, but I’ve just realised the base subscription I’m on with the hosted Ghost setup doesn’t include Zapier integration (which is required for the built in method). Is there another way to automate sharing to social other than Zapier? It’s not worth the money to upgrade just for that one feature (and my blog is very small, so nowhere near enough of an audience to justify that yet).

Your blog has an RSS feed.

Research tools that can follow your RSS feed and automatically post to social when a new item appears there.

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Thanks - am seeing lots of options. Is there one you recommend in particular?

Sorry, no. I don’t use that feature.

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No problem - thanks.

RSS to Zapier to Buffer.


Zapier has actually the Ghost Integration and it’s much faster and better: Ghost Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier