AWS SES configuration

Hi there,

I just set up the config.production.json using the AWS SES information and added dummy data to the Mailgun settings otherwise ghost wouldn’t allow me to send emails. Will the data in the config json override the ones in the settings menu?
How can I see the logs of the email being sent? because it said it was successful but I didn’t receive the test email I sent.

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The mail settings in the config.*.json have very little to do with the information you add in the Ghost settings.

In the config.*.json you set up the mail configuration for transactional emails. That’s magic links (for members to log in and sign up), password resets, etc.

The Mailgun settings are used for newsletter sending. So, if you put dummy data there, the email newsletter you sent went to the nirvana (though, I would expect an error to be thrown, since no connection to Mailgun could be established).

Here’s info on the email newsletters: Email Newsletters — Ghost Developer Docs
An FAQ on why you have to set up Mailgun: Why do I have to set up Mailgun for newsletters?

And here on the transactional emails: Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs

Thank you Janis, makes total sense.
Is there a way to set up the newsletter with AWS SES without using Zapier? Is there a guide that I can rely on to set it up?

There is no official way, no. Ghost only supports Mailgun for sending newsletters.

There have been a few initiatives from open source contributors to extend this part of the Ghost core, but nothing has panned out so far (mainly because it’s a very tedious and complicated task for volunteers).

Hi @jannis ,

Do you have any opinions regarding the Zapier integration between ghost + AWS. I actually started to migrate all my content to ghost thinking I can use something other than Mailgun. For me is a deal-breaking as I am not willing to pay $35/month to send 500 emails per month.


Personally, I wouldn’t use Zapier to send emails. That just gets awkward since the emails aren’t native anymore. So, not really a fan of that.

Mailgun still has a free/pay-as-you-go plan though: [solved] Mailgun has quietly removed their "pay as you go" offer. Any new option to be integrated with Ghost's native newsletter? - #6 by mjw


Yes, the data in the config.production.json file will typically override the settings in the Ghost admin settings menu. Configuration files take precedence over settings made within the admin interface.

To view email logs, you can check the AWS SES or Mailgun dashboards, depending on which service you are using. These services typically provide logs and details about the emails sent, including delivery status and any errors encountered. Reviewing the logs there should help you troubleshoot the issue of not receiving the test email despite it showing as successful in Ghost.