Back-up Import Doesn't Include Tiers

Hello everyone,
I migrated to a different VPS and made back-ups of the members via csv, of the posts via the JSON file, and images via the content folder. This has worked well in the past when I didn’t have tiers.
But when I imported the back-up this time, the members csv does include their tier but there are no tiers imported at all in the membership settings.

I’m at a point where this is a nuisance rather than a total disaster because I don’t have many paid users and I can create the tiers anew.
But this will be a major issue if I should move the site somewhere down the line.

Does anyone know where the tiers are stored and how to back them up / import them?

When I moved hosts, I took a dump of the database, plus content folder, config.production.json, routes.yaml, redirects.yaml, and the theme.

mysqldump --no-tablespaces -u user -p database > database.sql

Restore using:

mysql -u user -p database < database.sql

Use scp move files, and create the database first.

Thanks, mjw!

I wanted to set up a fresh database, moving from MariaDB to MySQL. But there is no way to import tiers other than the database dump, is there?

I’ve seen the advice to disconnect from any integrations, maybe I fucked up by not doing that before the move :slightly_frowning_face:

Not that I am aware of, but I always opt to use a database backup if it’s available.

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OK, I’ll do the database import, then, and hope it works out and I didn’t trash anything by not disconnecting from Stripe :sweat_smile:

I recently moved hosts, and this method worked well, with Stripe, too. Obviously, theme and images also need to be copied, as do your routes and redirects.