Bulk import to specific membership tier?

As far as I’m able to tell, when I import members using a .csv file with the ‘complimentary_plan’ field set to ‘true’, then it automatically assigns the users to the lowest value complimentary membership. Is there any way to specify which tier the users are onboarded at? And is there any way to specify the length of the complimentary period? As far as I’m able to tell, there is no way to bulk change membership tier using a label, and so doing this manually will prove very time consuming.

The reason I’m asking this question is because I want to offer subscriptions that provide access for more than one user. The only way I can think to do this in an efficient manner is to have the actual tier (Corporate, Teacher etc), which the paying user signs up to, and then have a “Tiername - Comp” tier, which is not listed in the portal, and which I set to have the lowest dollar value. Then, when I import the users, they’ll be set to that tier.

The only trouble with this approach is that A) it’s unwieldy, and B) I have to adjust the tiers between each import (ie. if I have more than one ‘tiername - comp’ then I have to set the desired one as the lowest price).

I don’t think you need to create a separate tier for your comped users. You can put them in a regular tier that has the functionality you want, unless you need them to see a different name. The downside to a separate tier is that you’ll need to make sure you include them in emails for the ‘paid’ version of the tier, etc. Maybe that’s not a problem in your use case.

An alternative to repricing tiers is to briefly deactivate the other tiers. I’m not sure that’s less annoying.

I wanted to suggest using the API, but it isn’t clear to me that you can specify the tier there, either.

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The issue with putting them into a regular tier is that I’ll need to be constantly dropping and then resetting the price of the tier(s) in question. Which will be visible on the site. A separate tier(s) does have some benefit, in that it makes it easier to track who is a comped user of a paying account. If I have a paying account with 30 comped users attached, it’s all going to get unwieldy quite quickly if they’re sitting in with paying users. In theory, all of these members will be coming from csv files, so I can always change things by deleting them, tweaking the csv and reuploading.