Background image, different for each page

Hi guys.
Apologies if it’s wrong category – a novice here & non-webdev – how can a page have a dedicated background image?
Would that involve some html/css hacking or perhaps there is a theme – I’m using journal – which does that?
many thanks.

Hey Lejeczek!

I’d look at applying a background-image to either .gh-site or .gh-article, using the formatting shown here:

So in code injection you’d put

.gh-article {
background-image: {see source above for format};

I can not get it to work - where should images go into, in terms of Ghost’s folders tree?
Images, fonts, etc, if those are used “manually” via code injection, then those assests are inserted into Ghost manually, outside of Ghost’s webui, right?
I’ve tried:

    .gh-article {
		background-image: url("assets/images/why-is-gomora.png") !important;

I’m on journal theme.

Add a / before assets