Backup from Content Directory?

Hi, I have a three or four year old Ghost installation that went down after my server provider updated the machine, and I’ve been unable to get it back up in its current form.

I would like to move to Ghost 1.0, but I don’t have a way of exporting my data for import into a new Ghost setup (because I can’t get it to run). I have managed to collect the content folder from the current installation though, is there a way to import the content folder into a new Ghost setup, other than manually?


Doing a little more searching today, it appears the answer would be “no”:

So for anyone interested, I managed to find a solution by looking at the version of my ghost installation on the messed up server, and installing a local copy of that release locally. Then I took a few guesses at what Node version I was probably using around the time I set up the old server and tried the old npm install until I found a node version in which that command succeeded. Then I was able to get a local ghost blog at the old version running. At that point, I swapped the ghost.db file and restarted the server and lo and behold, it worked. I was able to log into the local installation and export a json file which imports relatively successfully to a new ghost v1.0.0+

FYI Ghost staff aren’t really active on the weekend.

This is absolutely the best and pretty much only approach that doesn’t involve horrible data munging :+1:Glad to hear you figured it out and got it working.

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