Update to Ghost 4 (Unable to create /backup/content/ folder)

Hello all,

I am trying to update from Ghost 3.37.1 to Ghost 4 and I am following the purpose built Ghost official walkthrough.

I can’t go past the Export your content and members stage, theme is thankfully compatible, .json backup has been downloaded so the latest theme .zip but when I use below entry on the console:

cp -r content /backup/content

I get the following back

ghost-mgr@ghost-ubuntu-x-xxxx-xxx-xxxx-01:/var/www/ghost$ cp -r content /backup/content/
cp: cannot create directory '/backup/content/': No such file or directory

Maybe the solution is quite simple but, since this isn’t even featured as a possible fault within the walkthrough, I was wondering if I could get any help through the forum, not the most advance Linux/VPS user here.

Many thanks in advance!

Did you try creating /backup the directory before copying? mkdir -p /backup/content. If you don’t have permission to create in the root directory, create somewhere else (e. g. in the root directory: mkdir -p backup/content and then cp -r content backup/content

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@KiraLT thank you!