Bad performance by design?

I was researching platforms to switch some affiliate projects from Wordpress and found Ghost, stating good performance. But, surfing an internet and founding a ghost-based website I analyzed its performance and found it much worser as my WP projects.

Beside of long TTFB, what I can explain with a german enterprise level, but in fact not the fastest hosting, I experienced a kind of usual performance bottlenecks:

  • multiple CSSs blocking the rendering.

After this finding I searched for critical CSS path in Ghost context - and didn’t find anything substantial. The single - and last forum thread to this topic is 2020 and links to abandoned Google Pagespeed modul, surely not included in Ghost Pro hosting: Generating critical CSS

Please enlighten me: is it indeed a usual Ghost issue, having no fix?

I don’t want to seem offensive, but such issue is in my understanding of 2024’s stand of technology not something speaking for modern design and technology, where Ghost would be based, and WP - not.

As I said, I would love to get info turning me in my meaning.

If interesting, here is the link to performance test result, page uses Ghost 5.82

The CSS is up to the theme, mostly. (Many themes also load a common css file with the card styles.)
So a theme may load any number of css files - I’ve seen themes that inline everything, themes that load one css file, and themes that load multiples.

The discussion you linked seems to be about theme generation, not a Ghost core module.


I second that the theme is responsible for website performance, my theme is much faster:

Many thanks for!

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