Badge for most engaged members


To reward our most-engaged members, we would like to give them badges, that would sit next to their name on our website. Is this a capability that Ghost supports?



Not out of the box, AFAIK. Where would their name with the badge show up – comments?

Thanks for your answer. In the comments yes - just beside their name.

This would require two things:

  1. Somewhere to store the badge information.
  2. An edit to the comments-ui code to retrieve and display badge information. Running separate comments code is pretty straightforward even on Ghost Pro, although you’d need to merge new changes to comments occasionally.

If I were going to build it today, I’d probably set up a cloud function that determined member activity (using the admin api) and applied badges to users on some sort of schedule. (Badges could be member labels, or stored somewhere else.) And then another cloud function that would retrieve badge data on members. Add a tweak to the comments code to retrieve and render the badges, and you’d be good.