Upgrade Members To Paid For Free

A feature I think could be really great is the ability to give a member access to the paid membership tier for free - maybe via a checkbox next to their details in the member’s list.

This would be great for randomly upgrading active members in your community, or to give away in competitions etc.

Something like this could be a great way to reward fans of your work.

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Hey @Izak_Jackson,

good idea. I managed to make workaround - create promo code in Stripe for a 100% discount on a yearly subscription. And if I want to give a free premium account to someone, I just ask them to become my members (so that they’re added by Ghost into Stripe as customers), find them in Stripe and manually add them yearly subscription and applying my 100% discount promocode.

Weirdly, but one must wait for 1 hour in order for this to be complete. I mean persons I give free account - shall wait 1 hour after procedure - no problem, just curious how this works inside.

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Anyways , Ghost team made amazing update with free membership option :slight_smile: thanks you guys

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