Beginner question about Ghost running local

Dear all, I hope you are safe and well!

I am a total beginner in everything here, so please pardon me for posing a potentially stupid question!

I am giving my best to learn how to customize Ghost in several ways, mainly making 100% translated into PT_BR.

My problem at the moment is: I changed the template in my local installation ( http://localhost:2368/ghost/#/settings/theme) from the default “Casper” to the “Edition” template. But in my code editor, I can’t find a way to the editor in Edition instead of Casper. I mean: after changing the template in the admin panel of my local install, it does not reflect in my VS Code.

See the image: I was expecting to be editing the Edition file now, but even after the “Ghost Restart” command, the reality of my instance is not reflected in my dev. tool. Can someone please advise?

Hi Leonardo, I’ve not worked on Ghost code but I suspect that this is the ‘default’ Casper that you can’t delete from the admin interface. You won’t see the new theme as this default won’t be replaced when you load a new theme, which are stored elsewhere, and you can hack themes that you upload independently. Hope this helps.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but the theme name isn’t equal to the folder name.

The theme name is actually set in the package.json file and if you have a package.json.lock file as well you also would have to change it there where it says

"name": "THEME NAME",

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