Casper theme downloaded is different from the Demo version

Hi there!
I just locally installed ghost with Casper default template.
The template is different compared to the demo.
I can see only one post « hello ».
I use Ghost 4
Nodejs 14.x with rosetta2 because 16 got issues with my MacBook Pro 14 m1pro.

It is pretty strange.

What specifically is different? As you add more posts, you should see the layout match the demo

The very first time i installed it, Casper template showed 15 posts (the ones like the demo).

Due to lots of reasons i had to clean install my MacBook Pro m1pro.
So i tries to reinstall Ghost locally.
I installed nodejs 14.x because there are issues with 16 and the last version of Ghost.

And now even the account settings is a little different (it used to ask if i want to register other users, something like that).

the Ghost onboarding process has changed in the last month, that seems to be what you’re seeing :smile:

I read this morning that Ghost is updated since yesterday. I gonna update it and see.
Stay tuned

I updated nodeJS and reinstalled ghost and… IT WORKS !!!
Now a new issue shows up:
when I try to change the template for another one, there 's no button.
I can see them but can’t download.
the only thing I can do is to visit the official ghost website and DL theme from there.
any tip ?

Are you referring to the /ghost/#/settings/design/change-theme url?