Best cloudflare settings


I want to make my ghost blog faster with Cloudflare Pro

But what are the best settings for Cloudflare and Ghost?

I have found: Configuration for using Cloudflare with Ghost self-hosted - Ghost Developers’’

I have also find other sites. But they a very outdated!

Is there some settings on Cloudflare that will optimize ghost and give good performance


Thomas @

Hey @Taxick – nice looking site! What theme is it using?

Hi @denvergeeks

Thanks, I use dashi from

Here’s something current…

Thanks - But it’s more settings I’m after :slight_smile:

What will be good to use?? What not to use?

I have found this page… How to use Cloudflare as a CDN for your Ghost blog

are the settings outdated or can I use them?

I also added this into my page rules for a little extra security.

Hi @pureflo

Have you made other settings, that are good to know? Or did you run the default?`

EDIT: Did Cloudflare works with let’s encrypt on my server?

// Thomas

Hey @Taxick - I just left the other items as defaults.

Probably the most important is to ensure that the SSL/TLS mode is set to FULL.

Ok :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: