Cloudflare settings

- What’s your URL?
- What version of Ghost are you using? 5.53.1


- How was Ghost installed and configured? Digital Ocean droplet
- What Node version, database, OS & browser are you using? 18.16.1

Hello everyone,

I’m self-hosting a blog and I’d like to optimize performance as much as possible.
I use cloudflare for my DNS zone.

I have several questions about how to configure Cloudflare and I can’t find my way around. I need some clarification.

  1. During quick start, I activated the 3 options:
  • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: ON
  • Always use HTTPS: ON
  • Brotli: ON
    Did I do the right thing?
  1. I’ve activated the proxy on the 2 A records, the root and the www. Is this a good idea?

  2. Do I need to set up a tunnel to secure with Zero Trust? What do I risk if I don’t?

  3. Should I configure Cloudflare Cache Everything? How necessary is this?

  4. I read in a topic that it’s also possible to optimize Nginx. Is this important in relation to Cloudflare? Is it negligible?

Thank you all for your help,


I’d take a look here - Cloudflare and Ghost - bypass cookies - #12 by Johny_K

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Thank you, this is a new optimisation trick that I did not know about but it does not answer to my questions.

Ghost already performs well out of the box. What’s your performance goal?

Some optimizations make the project more complex or difficult to maintain which bring other risks so it’s good have clear goals to know when to stop optimizing.

Yes, that’s the whole point of my questions. I’m not looking to optimise for the sake of optimising. I’ve identified areas for optimisation and I want to know whether they are relevant or not, hence the numbered questions.

My aim is to get into the green indicators on PageSpeed Insight, whether on mobile or desktop. I can’t achieve this on mobile, but by activating certain Cloudflare automatic parameters I’ve managed to improve desktop performance.

But I’m also interested in understanding how things work, so I’m also curious about technology.

If you have any answers to my numbered questions, more or less precise, I’d be grateful!