Best cloudflare settings


I want to make my ghost blog faster with Cloudflare Pro

But what are the best settings for Cloudflare and Ghost?

I have found: Configuration for using Cloudflare with Ghost self-hosted - Ghost Developers‘’

I have also find other sites. But they a very outdated!

Is there some settings on Cloudflare that will optimize ghost and give good performance


Thomas @

Hey @Taxick – nice looking site! What theme is it using?

Hi @denvergeeks

Thanks, I use dashi from

Here’s something current…

Thanks - But it’s more settings I’m after :slight_smile:

What will be good to use?? What not to use?

I have found this page…

are the settings outdated or can I use them?

I also added this into my page rules for a little extra security.

Hi @pureflo

Have you made other settings, that are good to know? Or did you run the default?`

EDIT: Did Cloudflare works with let’s encrypt on my server?

// Thomas

Hey @Taxick - I just left the other items as defaults.

Probably the most important is to ensure that the SSL/TLS mode is set to FULL.

Ok :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, my tips to clean your Cloudflare cache with Ghost trigger :innocent:

My post that describe my migration to Ghost :


Hi! Just to make sure I understand this: on the cache-purge script script you published on github.

I am a little confused because you mention “when a post is published…” But the script is for posts/pages that you UPDATE, so that an old cached version is not displayed, correct?

Thank you,

Caches need to be purged any time content changes.

This worker works for Blog Posts, it seems I have an issue to fix with pages … I will check why all the data are not sent.

The Worker clean the home page + Sitemap on post publication and post URL + Sitemap on post update.

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That’s not necessary and I understand is an actual limitation than can be improved over the time.