Best way to embed spreadsheet tables and charts in Ghost

Hi all,

I just wanted to share what I think is the easiest way to share a table or a chart from a spreadsheet inside a Ghost website.

It uses - here’s a video of what it looks like. Good for any of us sharing data analysis, stock prices, or who want to make our websites interactive with calculators, simulation, financial models.


I show this using my Ghost website. Sorry for the poor GIF quality


Thanks for sharing :raised_hands:

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I looked at Rows, and it looks intriguing. But I could not find ANYTHING on their site about embedding in another site. And, it appears that, since it is a SAAS, your content lives there and is dependent on them.

Any ideas on either thing?

HI Bruce,

The article on embedding is here

Yes, the content lives on Rows but you can move it to any other spreadsheet, so you’re not locked in,

So, I signed up for a Rows account, and gave it a try.

Embedding spreadsheet – I created a simple sheet with a header row and some data, then I published it to the world and embedded it into a Ghost post. I had filters/sorting turned on within Rows, but the embedded sheet was just a static table. You couldn’t interact with it. (Note that this was in Preview; I didn’t make the post live, so perhaps that would make a difference.

Embedding graph – I then created a graph based on the spreadsheet, and embedded that in the post. Much better results: the graph was interactive to the same level it was in Rows, with data popups on mouse hovers. And, it looked good too.

Possible negative – Both embeds show an “open full version” link, which opens the original item in the web version of Rows. What happens if you don’t have a Rows account? Not sure.

Conclusion – I already have a way to make HTML tables that have formatting and are sortable, so a static table from Rows is a step back. However, the chart feature is nice, and I would probably use it for that purpose. I don’t like the “open full version” option, as it takes the reader away from my site.

Thanks for sharing about the tool!

The “open full version” only shows when the sharing option is “Publish to the world”, which is meant for spreadsheet to be used and duplicated by the community.

To hide it, you can simply turn on “Share privately” and turn off “Publish to the world”.

The filter and sort is an excellent feedback.

A difference is that you can add input fields, buttons, checkboxes, date pickers and buttons to make the tables interactive

My understanding was that you had to have “publish to the world” turned on if you want to embed the sheet on your website (which is the whole point of my exercise). Is that not right?

It works both with “Publish to the world” and “Share privately”.

This example shows an embed without the “Open full version”