Block certain posts from search

I’m using the search of ghost. how do i make it so some posts don’t show?

example: i have some posts that are just a number to show on a specific part of the website, and i don’t want users to see those posts pop up on a search result

Pages don’t appear in ghost search. Posts do, and built in search has no way to change that.

what do you mean by pages? i said posts. i want to block some posts from showing

Sorry if I was unclear. The default Ghost search, which I assumed you were asking about, does not take any configuration options that would let you hide posts.

I was suggesting that you might create those items as pages, because Ghost’s default search does not search them. If you’re just using them to store a number like you said, it probably doesn’t matter very much whether they’re created as posts or pages (although you’ll need to rewrite that bit of the theme to handle it), and that would allow you to hide them from the Ghost search.

it does matter in this page as i need them to show up on the post list

I found a PopupModal.js file that seems to show the post results, maybe I could filter it here?