Bookmark Card - Image thumbnail size is full size?

I’m trying to improve page speeds on my site and one of the areas that I’m struggling with is the Bookmark widget.

I have a page that uses a bunch of these and when I review the page resources, it appears to be loading the full image size instead of a small responsive image. I’m sure this isn’t the case, but can someone please confirm this for me.

This is the html snippet from a Bookmark card that I have loaded on my page. It is using an Unsplash image at what appears to be full size.

<figure class="kg-card kg-bookmark-card">
	<a class="kg-bookmark-container" href="###">
        <div class="kg-bookmark-content">
            <div class="kg-bookmark-title">###</div>
            <div class="kg-bookmark-description">.###</div>
            <div class="kg-bookmark-metadata link-image"><img class="kg-bookmark-icon no-lightense" src="###" alt=""><span class="kg-bookmark-author">###</span><span class="kg-bookmark-publisher">###</span></div>
        <div class="kg-bookmark-thumbnail link-image">
        	<img src=";q=80&amp;fm=jpg&amp;crop=entropy&amp;cs=tinysrgb&amp;w=2000&amp;fit=max&amp;ixid=eyJhcHBfaWQiOjExNzczfQ" alt="" class="no-lightense">
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  • Server: Digital Ocean - Self Hosted

That is the case. Bookmark cards access external images so will use whatever the bookmarked site provides as the image url, there’s no downloading and manipulation of assets.

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Thanks for clarifying @Kevin.