Optimized images in content bookmarks - Slow loading time

I’m using content bookmarks pretty heavily in my site.

It seems that in the Digest theme the Content Bookmark image uses the full image size resulting in a slow loading experience.
See the Google page speed report for the official Digest theme.

How can I configure the Bookmark to use a small image and not the full size?


Bookmark Cards use the original image URL as provided by the site, so if the site provides a large image, that’s also what will be picked up by the Boomark Card. 99% of sites work fine. If an image is too large for your liking, you can also forgo the Bookmark Card and just use a link or Product Card.

The page you linked for the Digest theme is a showcase of all the styles available for the theme. As such, it hasn’t been optimized and is not really an indication of the theme’s performance.

Thanks Ryan, appreciate the reply.

My issue was since these were cards of other posts on my Ghost publication. Wasn’t thinking about other sites, I guess this makes sense.

One option you have here is to set an optimized image for the Facebook card in the editor (1200 x 600 often works well). Then, your bookmark card will use that image, rather than your featured one. You can even use the same image but specify a smaller size for the Facebook image.