Bookmarks render horribly in rss feed reader

I’m beginning to wonder if its even worth it to make use of the Bookmark feature. The rendering frequency turns out poorly in posts. I realize this is due to the way the bookmarked website has setup various meta-tags, and is not the fault of Ghost.

Today I realized the problem is even deeper. Even if a bookmark renders nicely in a Post, it can still turn out to be a mess once a subscriber receives it via email.

Here is how this particular bookmark looks in a post:

This is how it looks in an email using the Mac Mail app:

Is there anything I can do other than just stop using bookmarks?

@spendlove , that looks like something where the rendering actually needs to be adjusted to work on Mac Mail.

Although I am often not pleased with the cropping of the image (I’d rather have images ‘contain’ than ‘cover’), I don’t see bookmarks looking like that in any of the mail clients I use.

So… I’m going to drop this over in bugs, and would you please update the post to include what Mac OS and what version of the Mail app (if that’s a thing?) The more detail you can provide on exactly where it’s broken, the better the odds of someone being able to reproduce it and fix it.

This looks very odd. Mac’s default Mail app has the best html+css support of all mail clients so there’s not normally any issue there :confused:

Very interested to hear which mail client you’re using. If possible could you forward that email to too? Thanks


I apologize, as I checked again and this was not from Mac Mail, but the RSS feed app called Reeder. They recently came out with a new version that supports Postlight Parser, so maybe that’s the problem.

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RSS doesn’t support CSS in a way that feed readers will use, it’s intended as a basic XML/HTML representation of post content and each reader app will have its own styles. CSS is needed for bookmark cards to display as they do in the browser so it’s expected that an RSS reader wouldn’t render more complex parts of a post like bookmark cards correctly.

Typically reader apps will have an easy way to jump to the original post for when an RSS feed only includes partial content or doesn’t work well in the RSS format.