Ghost Bookmarks Not Working?

Is anyone having trouble using the newish bookmarks feature in the post creator? I’ve been trying to insert a link in my post and have it show up as a bookmark but this is the message I get:

That seems odd. Is it happening with a specific link or with all links you add into the editor?

I’ve had that happen with specific links as well.

Likewise, upon migrating some bookmark cards from a Medium blog to a Ghost blog I’ve noticed that the favicons and images for some sites don’t get fetched. Specifically from The Independent and from Vice. I tested them out on this Discourse forum platform as well and they won’t work here either. I’m guessing the issue might be webp images or something along those lines. But rather than fiddle with things I’ve grabbed the images, hosted them myself by uploading them to my Ghost instance, then manually created the bookmarks with HTML cards.

If you’re interested I can give you specific links to try out yourself.

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Images and favicons for bookmark cards for VICE articles now fully work with the 3.19 update. Thanks!

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