Bookmarks url rewrite

Hello guys, I noticed that if I insert an affiliate link or a short url in a post it is converted into a bookmark, but the original url is rewritten losing the affiliate tag.

Original url https://sitename com/pagename.html?p=affiliatetag
Bookmark url => https://sitename com/pagename.html

Since one of the ways I monetize my blog is through affiliate links, how can I populate bookmarks without changing the original url entered?

it would also be nice to have a tool to create custom bookmarks because many sites lack the information needed to self generate a bookmark

Hey Cerix,

You can get around the automatic generation of bookmark cards by holding shift when pasting a link.

Regarding the issue on bookmark cards themselves, this has been reported on GitHub which you can track here:

Seems abandoned I’m afraid? “This issue has been automatically marked as stale because it has not had recent activity. It will be closed if no further activity occurs(…)”

Hello David, is the bookmarks parsing process managed only by oembed.js ?

The issue is still open. You’re welcome to help with code contributions :slight_smile:

Oh I’d love to but I’m afraid I’m not clever enough, don’t have the brains for that you see. I’ll stick to asking questions for the moment.

Ghost and your team are absolutely terrific, I’m immensively grateful for your efforts and what you are building.

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