BUG: Dawn requires two clicks to switch between dark mode and light mode

Latest version of Ghost and Dawn.
The link in the footer requires two clicks to switch between dark mode and light mode.

The icon indicates a “middle” theme while the same dark mode is applied either way.

Looking at the demo here: https://dawn.ghost.io/

This doesn’t seem like a bug. There are three modes - light theme, system theme, and dark scheme. I see the light theme twice because my system isn’t set to dark mode.

What would you expect the “middle” (system) theme to show?

Ah, okay. But the system theme plays no function as far as I know since it cannot be applied by the user, right? Or are we talking web browser system theme mode and based on that?

@rae I expect there to be two modes, just like other themes (a basic switch between light and dark).

The “middle” version, even though it seems to be based on the system, plays no funtion to / for the user / customer.

If the user, logged in or not, could set a system theme, it would still be pointless since there are two of one - so to speak.

You could set the theme to be permanently the middle/system theme, and then users will either see dark or light depending on what their system is set as. They wouldn’t need to manually select a theme. Users with light mode won’t be confronted with a dark website they can’t see, and users with dark mode won’t be hit in the face with a bright white background.

Here’s how to set it on a mac: How to use Dark Mode on your Mac – Apple Support
Here’s how to set it on windows: How to enable dark mode in Windows 10 - CNET

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