Dark Mode/ Light mode Toggle in Default Source theme

Hi, Was modifying the source theme to include a dark/light mode Toggle and I did, but I still have some questions and need your valuable feedback.
The site running the theme is https://www.techweirdo.net/
And my questions are:

  • Should I go with default to dark and toggle to light or the opposite?
  • Is the button placement intuitive? I mean will my visitors notice and understand easily the function and placement of the button?
  • I am currently storing the user preference in session storage to use for a single visit, can I tie the preference for members for their whole account ?
  • And also can please give me some feedback regarding my implementation of right sidebars in desktop mode.
  • Also I followed Ghost’s guide in implementing avif and webp images automatically, but Pagespeed is screaming at me for using as deprecated API. Does it hurt in any ways?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will you make a tutorial to implement the toggle? :slight_smile:
Good Job!

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