[BUG?] Gallery not providing access to zoomed image

When adding a gallery to a post, you can no longer click on an image to get the larger version. This is in 5.19.0

Which theme? It might be theme-specific.

The default theme Caspar.

Is there anyone else experiencing this same behaviour for galleries? Picture galleries with one or more pictures do not provide ZOOM option when viewed. is this still the standard behaviour or has the gallery now been limited only to auto-sized thumbnails in the page?

Maybe i dreamt the fact that galleries do this. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I will look at something like Fluidbox to provide this feature.

Actually I didnt - see here on the official Ghost Blog about Galleries from version 2.0. Image optimisation and galleries in Ghost

The behaviour of the gallery shown on that page provides the experience I thought was included as part of the gallery markup. But alas, in the current versions this isnt the case. Is it a bug? Or was the behaviour removed in a later version?

Gallery zoom is something that users can add to their theme, but it’s not a default part of Casper. In the post you linked, it works because it was added to our changelog theme. Likewise, if you’re looking for a theme that does have it out of the box, try Edition


Thanks. That explains everything. I will also look at how to “custom” add it to Caspar which is the theme I prefer.


TIL about Edition

I’ve switched two of my users photo blogs from Casper to Edition because they are gallery heavy - they are thrilled - great theme, many many thanks Ghost team!

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