Horrible display bug on the admin panel

Hello, everybody.
I’ve been encountering a curious bug for the past 3 days:

Tag list : :man_facepalming:

Ghost’s writing interface is broken! No more CSS for the titles, the side menu is completely buggy … do you have an idea where this bug could come from ?

There are display bugs in several places: panel labs, injection code, all scrolling menus.
I tried to redo a complete installation of Ghost without any success I still have the same problem.

More information :
URL : in private
Run on Ghost 3.3.0
Node.js : 10.16.0
Cloudflare pro

Thank you for your answers.

Hi, I’m updating my post.

So we have identified the problem, the admin panel GET
in the core/build/assets directory

While the generated file is named vendor.min-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.css.
We have temporarily fix the problem.
Where does this problem come from?

Can I ask how you installed Ghost and what setup you are using? You need to provide more information so people can help you more :slight_smile: