Builtin forum like bbpress in wordpress

I’m new to ghost, was using wordpress and bbpress. plan to switch to ghost and could not find a solution to host a forum along with ghost and share the same username|password.

I saw discourse can be integrated to add posts to blog pages, this is different from a real forum. obviously I can run a separate forum like the one ghost does: https://forum.ghost.com. question is,
can I integrate them and let ghost and discourse share the same login credentials? is that a lot of work?

Yes, the ability to integrate Ghost and Discourse was recently made possible. It’s not necessarily a lot of work to set things up, but it does require a bit of server work.

There is also NodeBB, a simpler and faster open source forum also based on NodeJS. In order to have full account integration, we are waiting for the implementation of SSO in the Ghost core. However, if a simpler scheme suits you, when Ghost uses a forum as a commenting system, this has already been implemented, including Discourse and NodeBB.