Bulk Actions for Posts in Admin

I’m noticing as I write more stuff and publish more. It is getting difficult to manage actions on my posts from the admin panel.

Eg. If I want to unpublish all posts from a certain tag, all I can do is filter them by tag. And then open all posts individually and unpublish them.

Would love to see a feature like Wordpress where we can bulk delete, edit, publish, unpublish posts from the admin panel in the upcoming releases of Ghost.

I’ve asked for this as well a while ago as it would help with managing content with the admin.

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Still there is no any checkbox for bulk processes in admin panel. For example I can’t remove 10 posts by select them. Currently I have to enter to edit post panel to remove post. This is not sustainable and easy way. I hope this problem will be resolved in near future.


better post management. I have 80 posts in one of my ghost sites and manually clicking each post, clicking the menu, and unpublishing 50 times is a headache.


Same for me here, i’m my case, i exported a wordpress and i have a about 100 users account that i would like to delete, but one by one is a bit of a pain.

Same for the authorship, i would like to change the author of all of them but doing it one by one is annoying.

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I am not an expert here but you may be able to do that via your database if you have phpmyadmin or are able to connect and write queries.

I think this is not good solution for end users.

Of course, what i suggested is only a workaround until there is something for this in ghost itself.

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I recently migrated over 400 posts to Ghost from Maven. There are another 600 posts remaining as well as a live archive with over 1000 more – my community was initially started in 2008 and the migration path would make a Zensunni wanderer weap – Ning, Jamroom, Maven, to Ghost.

I have to use WP as the gateway between the source sites’ .XML output and Ghost and I can tell you the details required to make the initial 400+ story migration work would have been impossible in the existing Ghost admin interface.

Search (and this is after REGEX cleanup of the XML), filtering, and bulk actions made it possible. I truly miss those capabilities in Ghost – as well as some of the other UI/UX suggestions to the admin interface made in this thread.


Agreed, would be very useful to have this option.

Maybe with the API we could build a simple system in top of it ?

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