Bullet list with value starting with 1

I’m running ghost 3.21.0 and have tested this in both Safari and Firefox.

My issue is how do you create a bulleted list with a line that starts with 1? When you type

- 1 cup flour

it converts it to a number list like

  1. cup

Instead of

  • 1 cup

It seems the numbered list auto detector is making some big assumptions. Even if you type the following

- salt
- 1 cup flour

it converts it to

  1. salt
  2. cup flour

instead of

  • salt
  • 1 cup flour

@waltde any of the automatic text expansions can be undone by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+Z.

The assumptions work well for 99.5% of cases and we’d have to remove them completely to not inconvenience the .5% but there’s always a way around with the undo facility when those edge cases are hit.


Thank you for the undo suggestion. I forget about key board bindings sometimes on web interfaces.