H1 Markdown Widget

Question about the H1 Markdown Box widget. I’m posting here because I’m not CERTAIN there’s a bug, and the “Bug” section looked too complicated to ask my question.

*Has anyone else experienced problems when typing in the H1 boxes? Sometimes when I type nothing appears on the screen. Backspace feature usually works, but not letters or numbers. Usually fixes itself after a while. Not sure if it’s my browser (Safari), my laptop’s keyboard or a Ghost issue itself.

*Why do external blog links not work - or appear to load like a snail - on Ghost? This happens frequently…especially when working within the H1 Markdown boxes. This even happens when previewing my blog posts.

Finally, a suggestion. Unless I missed it, it would be SUPER helpful to implement a redo button/feature into the Ghost platform. It really stinks accidentally deleting something only to have to redo it over again from scratch.