Trouble with Docker and MySQL update

Long story short, I was running a couple docker containers of Ghost, and when I went to update them this week, I was getting a ton of issues. Looks like a update to Ghost 5 requires MySQL, which I don’t have much understanding of.

I’ve spent the last 3 full days trying to get my websites up and running again and have run into issue after issue. I really just need someone to help me out with understanding how to make a very simple MySQL docker container with a database for Ghost, then connect it to the Ghost container.

It’s such a bummer, because getting Ghost up and running because was as simple as a single line of code and presto, it was up and running. Now I’m dealing with more containers and databases that I’ve never had to deal with before. Any help at all would be appreciated, my brain is melting and I really need someone to help me out with this.