Can 32-bit Sharp work for future builds?


I’m currently using the latest version of Ghost in Azure (I have my own github repo which I have automatically pulling new release updates from the official Ghost Repo into my staging app, so it’s always up to date). The one issue I ran into was release 2.25.5 updated the sharp package which does not support 32-bit. My question is, right now I can downgrade sharp back to 0.21.3 (from the current 0.22.1) and things seem to work fine - is this something that might break in future builds?

I can upgrade to 64-bit in my app, but I’m currently using a free SKU for my app service which only can be 32-bit.


That’s always a possibility when you are forcing particular versions. Our automated test suite will only test against the versions that are specified in package.json (or more specifically yarn.lock) so we won’t necessarily see failures if we start depending on features/behaviour that is not available in older version than the one we expect.

So, it may work for now but there are no guarantees for future upgrades. You’ll also be missing any bug/security fixes that are put into later versions.

Thanks, Kevin. That’s pretty much what I thought and it was probably a silly question but I figured I’d ask :wink: I guess the hope is that sharp adds in 32-bit support later, but I’m doubting that will happen.