Can ghost cms be used as a social network?

Hi guys, I’d want to create a mobile app using ghost cms api. Can ghost cms be used as a social network, meaning creating posts, likes, follow users etc…

Ghost doesn’t have all the functionality baked in.

Staff users are the only ones who can create posts, and are assumed to be trusted users - their post content is not sanitized. If you don’t trust your staff users you definitely need to put the Ghost admin page on a totally separate domain, and I’m not confident that’s 100% enough. They’d still be able to steal a member’s cookie (used for commenting even if all your users are staff users) with malicious code. Somewhat more in a response to a different user: Sign in as Contributors, Authors, and Editors - #2 by Cathy_Sarisky

There also aren’t ‘likes’ included, and there’s no theme-level way to extend the database and add them. There are permissions, but only to view posts as a member of a paid tier, and users can only be in one tier - there’s missing the concept of ‘my friends can see my content’.

You could potentially sort of implement follows by creating a newsletter for each staff user, but it’d be a hack, and there’s no “ask to be friends and get permission” functionality. Users can sign up for any newsletter.

So you’ve got post creation, and then it gets messy/complicated fast. :)