Is Ghost right for me?

Hello Ghost Community! I’m new to ghost and considering it for a project that would be hybrid auto-generated content with human added “additions” for certain pages. I’m primarily interested in ghost for the headless-cms and user/member/subscription management. I’m somewhat new to CMS development/management, checked the FAQ, and did some searching, but apologies for any dumb or previously answered questions below:

  1. Is the Ghost user/member/subscription management on par with Firebase/AWS Cognito/Auth0? Ghost appears to offer everything I need and more (authentication/authorization + billing/subscription management). Anyone encounter any pitfalls or challenges? I was previously leaning towards Firebase for headless CMS and user management, plus stripe billing extension for subscription management.

  2. I have a few thousand products in my database that would mostly be machine-generated content, but several hundred products would have hand curated stories attached to the product page. Is this a better case for a headless cms or using the ghost managed cms templates etc. Does ghost have any struggles managing content for thousands of pages? Hundreds of thousands?

  3. Is it possible to blend member content with non-member content? That is, if a member is logged in, they would see additional content on the same page (perhaps in related to question #2 above)

  4. Is it possible to integrate external API content into ghost templates, for human editors that don’t write code? Any pointers or documentation to this? Probably some sort of custom content plugin/datatype?

  5. Are there any live examples of ghost running on an eCommerce site similar to what I describe above, with thousands of products available?

Super excited to get started, much thanks for your time