Can ghost-purge-images work on Ghost v4?

I see many unused, unlinked images in my images folder. I would like to get rid of them.
I stumbled upon ghost-purge-images which seem useful for this purpose.

Anyone here has experience with it? Does ghost-purge-images support ghost v4 on Ubuntu DigitalOcean?

It looks like you should probably ask @daburix

It works. :slight_smile:
I’ve tested it a couple weeks ago on an Ubuntu box.
The only down side is that it also removes icons set for custom integrations but the dev behind the code knows about it.

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Thank you. I’m glad it worked on Ubuntu since the ones hosted on DigitalOcean are running on Ubuntu.

I just tested on Windows 10. It didn’t work on my local Windows 10 ghost blog.

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I tested and confirmed that ghost-purge-images works on Ghost v4 on Ubuntu. Ghost is hosted on digitalOcean. However, it does not work on Windows 10.