Can i create a blog view?

Is there a way to create an old-school blog view of posts on a Ghost site?

I’d like a view that is a page with all of the posts from one (or more) tags displayed as a rolling blog. I can’t seem to do that.

I’m using the excellent tuuli theme on my site :

I’m not sure of the way to describe this, so an example : does it quite well (especially the excellent posts with no header… like a tumblr).

Thanks if anyone has any ideas…

This is certainly possible. You’d need a template file like index.hbs (start from that!) which instead of displaying just post excerpts displays entire posts. And then you’d need a routes.yaml file that causes just those posts to show up on that route /or/ you’d need that template file to use a #get request to pull in the posts you want based on their tag.

Happy to help if you get stuck somewhere along the way and want to post a more specific question. This is very doable, but it’s going to require some custom handlebars and some custom styling to integrate into the theme you’re currently using.



OK - thanks for this… might be a stretch for a no-code user like me. I’ll have a play and see what I can learn for this.

Lots of freelancers over in the marketplace, too!

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