Can I make the post featured image blurred?

Running latest version of Ghost hosted on my own server. Using the default template.

Is there a way to make the featured image blurred out on posts for non paying tiers? The way it’s set up now the feature image is visible for all members, only the text and images below the featured image are blocked.

You could do this with css, but not server side.


… and if you have savvy users who want to see the unblurred image for free, blurring with CSS won’t stop them.

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I guess one option would be to load the blurred image in the featured slot and the real one in the post body, use some js to grab the right one for paying members…

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Thanks for the suggestions. Not sure why this isn’t an integrated option in the theme.

Themes don’t get to add an extra image. There’s a featured image and then the post body might link additional images. You’d need core modifications to do it in a non-hacky way.

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