Post thumbnails are blurred and show "Members-only" icon

Issue Summary
I noticed that suddenly my members-only posts have blurred thumbnails, with the icon “Members-only” and a padlock overlaid on them. My posts have always been members-only, and yet this was not the experience. Apparently there is no setting on Posts or in Settings to turn this off.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a members-only post
  2. Login as a user. The members-only posts will have blurred thumbnails with “Members-only” written over them in white.

Setup information

Ghost Version
Latest version

Hello @aritdeveloper !!! Can you provide a link to an URL on your site where this is happening?

Thanks for answering!

What Ghost Version is your site running?

Are you using the most current version of the Casper theme?

If not, I would first try that (and temporarily remove any modifications in your site header/footer injections.)

Next I would switch to a different theme (one that you know to be working correctly with your site, if possible.)

This might help first diagnose whether the problem is coming from the theme.

About a week or two ago, Ghost had us update to the latest version of Ghost, which I did (basically clicked a button).

It’s been fixed in the latest version of Casper that will go out in the next Ghost release.

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Alright thank you.

As a temporary fix, I added the following CSS to Code Injection > Site Header:

.post-card-access { display: none; }
.post-card:is(.post-access-members,.post-access-paid) .post-card-image-link:after { backdrop-filter: none; }
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I tried to implement this but am getting the following result? Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!



@pirouneb you’re missing <style>...</style> tags around your CSS. It shouldn’t be necessary though, both new Casper and Ghost versions have been released with the fix included.

Thanks Kevin! I’m on the latest version of Casper as far as I can tell (I only made the site yesterday). What would you suggest I do?

My website is

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