Can members write posts?

Hi - I’m a new Ghost user and after reading the documentation I’m not sure if I understood correctly the “members” and “staff” concepts. To clarify, please help me:

  • I have installed a local copy of Ghost and created the admin user.
  • I’ve created an account with Stripe to have membership payments.
  • It seems that members can view all posts, but only staff can publish new posts.

I would like to have members to go through the Stripe membership process, but after that, they should be able to write posts. So, they need to be put as “staff” by invitation? That makes the process manual and when the subscription would expire, they would continue to have access, since they are on the staff side.

  • I’m I missing something?
  • Are these concepts correct? (are only members able to take the subscription process and are unable to write posts?)

Thank you for all your time and best regards,

I recently answered that question in this post

And pointed at this post where you can vote

Closing this as a duplicate of those threads. Please use our search feature :slight_smile:

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