New GPTs custom chatGPT

Hi everybody,
Do you read this post from OpenAI about the new GPTs

Sincerely, it would be great to access Ghost API from these new GPTs in order to create some complex process ?
I could provide a list of several scanned PDFs, extract the text, correct and re-title the paragraphs and finally create draft articles from each PDF in Ghost


What are your asking for is not a Ghost feature, but a feature for some other software to call the APIs that Ghost already has.

Hi, I understand what you said.
I speak about a dedicated endpoint like Zapier has done
Endpoint :


Right, it looks like you could use Zapiers GPT endpoint to generate content to post to Ghost.

It’s not clear what the Ghost feature request is here.

Requesting functionality isn’t complicated. It’s about setting up an endpoint like Zapier did ?