Cannot delete members on SQLite3 (Ghost 4)

Member is not Stripe, I added member manually on Ghost Admin. No Stripe integration.
Issue happens on Ghost 4 version latest 4.0.1.

Internal server error, cannot delete member. delete from `members` where `id` = '6052e324bd4e6f5b1f7c8cbb' - SQLITE_ERROR: foreign key mismatch - "members_stripe_customers_subscriptions" referencing "members_stripe_customers"

Hi @cuongtran, thanks for this bug report. We’ve looked into it and I can confirm we can reproduce the issue.

It should be fixed in the next release of Ghost.

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Hey @cuongtran! :wave: We’ve just released the fix for this in 4.1.0 so please update with Ghost-CLI :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please look into a similar bug, ie the creation of duplicate members in Ghost 4.3.3 (same email address, one stripe paying, one free)…seems to me Ghost should be preventing such duplicates…I’m using SQLite 3, which I’m working to replace

I made a new post here: Duplicate member created with same email: 1 paying, 1 free - Help - Ghost Forum