Can't change "from" or "support" email address, and sign-up problems

I have the latest Ghost, though not the latest Ubuntu or MySQL (that may be a problem, but the updates always fail, I need to get a dev to help) — running v 5.7.33. Running on Node v16.

Core problems are

  • I can’t change the “from” or “support” emails in Ghost. It just says “retry” (see image below). Browser javascript console shows an error: “Uncaught Error: Please verify your email settings”. I don’t receive any confirmation email.


MX and everything on mailgun is set up correctly. In the past, transactional emails worked, but through various updates in Ghost, it seems something broke. I no longer receive any.

Related to this is that most people who try to sign up to the newsletter, it says they need to “please enter a valid email address”. Oddly, the occasional email gets through, with no discernible pattern.

How do I verify an email address in Ghost when I don’t receive confirmations?

Things I’ve tried

  • Re-set my Mailgun settings, including re-setting the password, and updating config.production.json
  • Made sure all my mailgun settings are correct

There used to be a way to test mailgun config, but I don’t see it anymore.

The first step is definitely to fix your transactional email. It seems to be broken. I assume you’ve already seen it, but just in case, here’s documentation on setting up Mailgun for transactional email: Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs

If you’ll post the Mailgun part of the config.production.json file (minus passwords of course!) and say more about your hosting setup, that’ll help someone help you!

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Thanks. I went in there, and after fooling around for a bit, decided to stop trying to get Mailgun to work (which I have been meaning to migrate from ever since they changed their pricing structure), and use Amazon SES like I do for all my major publications. Setting Amazon SES up fixed my sign-up problem, which was something that has been troubling me for about a year.

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