Can't get /archive/ channel working

Trying to get an archive channel working on a dev site (so no link) following this guide from @brightthemes, but the site after restart ignores the route I have set up, and sends me back to the home page.

Here is the yaml file contents, and there is an archive.hbs file in my root Ghost theme directory with a simple loop to show all posts. Any ideas? I am at a loss.

    controller: channel
    template: archive

    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: index

Did you restart after adding archive.hbs?

Did you upload routes.yaml separately in the labs section, not just drop it in the theme folder?

Hi Cathy. Yes, on both: routes.yaml is uploaded properly and restarted (repeatedly) after adding archive.hbs. It’s maddening.

I have also checked the yaml syntax and spacing, because that has bitten me before.

Weirdly, I can get it to work on a production site, just not on a dev site. Is there something weird about channels on dev sites?

That’s odd! Since it’s a dev site, if you start ghost with ghost run -D you might get some clues in the logs.