Can't input Chinese properly in Koenig editor

So we’ve use bopomofo in Chinese and I found out it can’t be input correctly in Koenig editor. So for example when we press the first bopomofo like you can’t continue entering other bopomofo. Who can solve this?

Hey @andrewyg :wave: Could you please try using bopomofo with the demo on this page? Mobiledoc Kit Demo

That will let us know if it’s an issue specific to Koenig or with the underlying editor framework. I have a feeling it may be an issue with the underlying library as there is a similar issue already open.

Can you provide details about the operating system and browser that you are using? It will help narrow down the issue so that a fix is more likely. Thanks!

I’m using chrome with Win10, for the issue you’ve mentioned, I’ll say it’s half half. Since the issue you pointed looks like can’t work at all, while my case you can input and get out output correctly but you’ll get your first bopomofo not use. I’ll link to two video for demonstrating my issue, one on mobiledoc-kit one on ghost.

So if you look the video (sorry I can’t record the keyboard though), you’ll see when I input on ghost the first bopomofo will not be underlined (which mean it can’t be used to choose text), while on mobile doc, if you input the first bopomofo it won’t be underlined but what’s interesting is if you type two bopomofo, there will be two first bopomofo which one will be underlined and one won’t.

Sorry for bad description.

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