Koenig Editor Bugs

Using the new Koenig editor and already finding some bugs. I’m going to write down in this thread my findings. If I find more, I will add other replies to this same thread.

  • Copy/Paste HTML blocks doesn’t work anymore: with the previous editor it was working perfectly.
  • Right click “Select all” in a HTML block selects everything even outside the block. With the previous editor the select all function was working properly, selecting just inside the block (as it should be).
  • After writing the alt tag to an image and I press enter, nothing happens. I have to deselect the “ALT” button. This with the previous editor was working correctly (going to the next paragraph).
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Yep, ton of stuff in the editor and backend isn’t working since the update. Some of it if you hit the button multiple times it will eventually work.

I wish we had a smoother transition between the old and the new, then realize it’s just my fault for switching this week since I’m self hosted :sweat_smile:.
Should have wait another month or two.

Yes, I’ve noticed this bug and I’ll file a bug report when I have the time to properly describe it all, but there is fortunately a workaround for now. De-select the HTML card by clicking on a text area or a heading, then go back and select the HTML card and you’ll be able to copy it (and then paste it) as normal.


Thank you, will do for now!

My Ghost website just sent a newsletter today. And it doesn’t look responsive on iPhone. I suppose it’s because that post was done with the old editor?

@Stromfeldt Did you have a similar problem?

Which problem are you referring to?

If post was edited with old Koenig and not opened since the new Koenig update, newsletter sent isn’t formatted properly.

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