Can't see images after moving Ghost to DO

Hi, I’m trying to move from to DigitalOcean and ran into a rather strange problem. Before I completely move to the new server, I want to make sure everything is working properly. So I haven’t set up DNS yet and have moved all files, including images, to the new server to be sure the existing blog works.
However, when I now open my posts on the new server, I only see my photos in preview mode, and I don’t see them as published. Apparently, this is due to the fact that my new blog address is http (since I don’t have DNS and SSL configured).
But I’d like to somehow make sure everything is displaying correctly before I finalize all the DNS settings.
Can you tell me if there’s any way I can verify that the images are displaying correctly before the final move?

Maybe your images are in HTTPS in your backup file. Setup SSL.