Can't the dawn theme adapt to the new version?

Dawn :pinching_hand:

  • “Load more” seems to have failed.

  • Some pictures in the article are not displayed.

  • The browser tab is always displayed in loading.

Win11,Ghost 4.12.1/Docker,Chrome

Everything is working for me. Do you have javascript enabled?

I have the same issues as akimo. Installed the latest version of Ghost locally, switched to the awesome Dawn theme but the load more feature fails and the featured post images aren’t displayed.

Using Chrome
Javascript enabled

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could try? Thanks.

Do you see any errors in the console? I just tried on v5.0.1 with the latest version of Dawn, and the load more is functional

Hi, thanks for you response.

It took me a while but I managed to find the reproduction steps. The two issues I described only occur if you have no navigation items. I didn’t require an ‘About’ page and the ‘Home’ navigation item on it’s own doesn’t quite look right or provide much value so I removed them both.

For now I have partially resolved my issue by adding navigation items I’d prefer not to have, but ideally it would be good to have the option of excluding.

There are javascript errors on page load. I’ve attached a screenshot

Thanks for reporting! I forgot to comment when I created the PR, but the issue should be fixed now! :slight_smile:

Brilliant, thank you!